Barnav International Transport co is a leading freight forwarder and carrier which handle shipment of commodities by general and special containers.

Our dedicated team will precisely study all aspects and details of our customer’s inquiries including nature of the commodity, dimension, volume, origin and final destination and based on the submitted information they will offer true simple and multi-modal door to door shipment and make sure that their provided safe and secure, timely delivery and cost effective services, delight our customers.

We can handle shipment of your cargo with proper containers according to actual dimensions of the commodity. Besides general containers shipments, Barnav is professional in handling oversized & over weight cargo by Special containers.

  • Normal 20′ and 40′ DC containers
  • 40′ High cube containers
  • Special containers like :
  1. Refrigerated container which is proper for perishable and frozen cargo
  2. Open top container which is proper for over-height and out of gauged cargo
  3. Flat rack container which is proper for over-width and out of gauged cargo
  4. ISO tank container which is proper for liquids in bulk

We analyze all aspects of our customer’s request and handle their commodities with the least possible rate.

Barnav’s prominent projects:

  • Bitumen (Pitch) form Iran to Turkmenistan
  • Rolled coil from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan
  • Stone form Iran to Canada, India, Italy
  • Glass commodity from Iran to Italy, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria
  • Guard rail form Iran to Turkmenistan
  • Buffalo meat from Brazil to Turkmenistan and Tajikistan
  • Cream from Spain to Turkmenistan and Afghanistan
  • Fruits to Turkmenistan
  • Pumpkin seed and other nuts from Afghanistan to UAE
  • Carbonate sodium to Kazakhstan
  • Petrochemical products from Iran to Kyrgyzstan

You can contact with our experts in order to consult about appropriate containers for the commodities based on the dimension and type of cargo.